The Bike


The second discipline of our race takes you from the transition area at South Hunsley Sports Centre out onto some of the most popular roads with cyclists in the area.

Although reasonably challenging the 24km undulating course is manageable for most people fit enough to cycle for around an hour and is suitable for those athletes who only have access to mountain bikes or hybrids although a road bike is recommended.

After leaving South Hunsley you will begin a very gradual ascent along Melton Bottom and onto Swanland Dale. A Hard left will lead you onto Riplingham road with a long gradual undulating climb to the highest point of the course at the top of Beverley Road leading down into South Cave.

After an exhilarating fast descent into South Cave you will have time to compose yourself as the route takes you out of the village through to Brantingham then on to Elloughton.

The final climb of the route takes you up and over into Welton along with stunning views of the River Humber.

The route finishes with a steady ride back down to South Hunsley where you will once again enter the transition area and prepare for the final leg of the race.

On race day some traffic control will be in place and marshals will be positioned around the course for your safety. Please note that marshals will not have the authority to stop traffic and you will be required to observe the rules of the highway code at all times. In addition the race will be subject to British Triathlon rules and as such no drafting will be allowed. Motorcycle marshals will be in place around the route to ensure this rule is observed.