Is the race suitable for first timers?

Yes! The East Riding Triathlon is perfect if this is your first attempt at the sport. The swim is relaxed and safe in South Hunsleys pool, the bike is manageable although theres one or two hills to challenge you and the run is short enough to know you’ve done it but not too far.

You will find our team very friendly and if you have any questions about the race (no matter how silly you think they might sound) simple drop us a line and we’ll do everything we can to help.

I'm not very good at swimming... Can I still enter?

The short answer is YES! If by cant swim you mean that you cant swim very quickly or do front crawl then you can still consider doing the full triathlon.

When you register we will be asking for your estimated swim time and before the race you will be grouped into waves of other athletes of a similar ability. This means you will be in the pool with people swimming at roughly the same speed so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about and you don’t need to worry about faster athletes over taking you in the lanes etc.

If you are confident that you can swim the 12 lengths of the pool (even if its breaststroke) then there is nothing stopping you from entering apart from you.

How long should it take to complete the race?

That depends on a lot of things but mostly your fitness level and preparation for the day. There are no cut off times for any of the legs and we will be there to support you throughout.

We expect the winner to complete the race in just under an hour and the last athlete home might take anything up to three hours.

What do I wear to swim in?

The preferred item of clothing to race in is a specialist Triathlon suit. These are special suits made from material which dries very quickly once you get out on the bike they also have minimal padding to avoid getting saddle sore or in the way when you run.

You can pick up a Tri suit on ebay for as little as £30. If your not ready to invest in a Tri suit you are welcome to swim in your swimsuit / swim shorts and get changed into something suitable for cycling in the transition area. The only real downside to that is the extra time you spend in transition.

TOP TIP: Remember to bring plenty of talcum powder for your cycling gear / shoes /  trainers etc to help get into them quickly!

Will there be any water / refreshments available?

Yes. As you leave transition and head out onto the course there will be an aid station offering water and sports drinks and fruit.

You are welcome to bring your own nutrition onto the course too although you might get some funny looks if you take a Sunday Lunch out there with you!

Do I need a road bike to enter?

Not at all. Many first time entrants either borrow a bike or use mountain or hybrid bikes. The truth is you will find the course easier if you have a road bike and are used to riding one however you will be able to complete the race on anything with two wheels. All that we ask is that the bike is in good working order and road worthy.

Do I have to wear a swim hat?

If you feel comfortable wearing a hat you are more than welcome to however they are not mandatory.