The Run


For the third and final discipline of our race you will exit the transition area after racking your bike and venture out onto our 5km run course stopping only to grab a quick gel or cup of water from our aid station.

If this is your first triathlon you may get a surprise how wobbly your legs can be after cycling 24km so be sure to practice the transition before the race to let your legs get used to the change and hopefully to stop you running too far sideways!

The route is a very simple 2 lap out and back course along the A63 path along the back of the sports centre. With only a gradual incline up to the turn point the course is fast and as you pass by for your second lap you can expect plenty of encouragement from our team and spectators alike.

As you cross the finish line you will receive your finishers T-shirt and you can proudly say “I’ve done a Triathlon!”

Gels / Bananas and Sports Drinks will be available at the finish and as the race will be chip timed you will be able to find out your overall time and times for each segment of the race immediately. Full race results will be available within 24 hours of the race finishing here on the website.

Enter Now

Dont delay or you may not get a place in the race!