The Swim


The first discipline of the race is set in the 33 metre pool located at South Hunsley Sports Centre.

You will be required to complete 12 lengths of the pool totalling 400 Metres of swimming.

This pool based swim is ideal if this is your first triathlon as you will be grouped in waves according to your expected total swim time. This means you will be swimming in lanes with other athletes of a similar standard to yourself.

Don’t worry if you’re not the next Michael Phelps, for most Triathletes swimming is the most difficult discipline to master and it is common to see entrants using breaststroke and even doggy paddle to make it through the distance!

You will be told around a week before the race exactly which wave you will be in and the time at which you will begin the race. At all times the pool will be attended by highly trained life guards just in case you do need any support.

Having completed the swim, you will exit via the back door of the pool and proceed to the transition area where you will have previously racked your bike.

Enter Now

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